The Blog:

The name Vanity & Sanity stems from something that popped into my head one day while I reading a fitness message board. Someone asked, ‘How do you continue to stay motivated to eat well and exercise?’. My answer? Vanity and sanity.

To be fair, the sanity part takes precedence; truly, I feel one thousand times better mentally when I work out regularly. Regular exercise really helps keep me grounded. However, I won’t deny that the aesthetic benefits are a big plus too.  I have been fortunate enough to never battle with my weight, but I prefer the look of a fit, healthy body than just being ‘skinny’.

The Blogger:

I’m a twenty-something girl living in the Great White North. And, I do mean North! I moved here about a year and a half ago to live with my fiance (though, that word makes me feel pretentious!), M. Prior to moving in together, we lived three hours apart and had a long distance relationship for a year. He proposed on Labour Day 2009 and our wedding is next September. We are working with a wedding coordinator and I am so excited. M & I have one furbaby,  a 6-month old tabby that we adopted from the Humane Society.

I love food. I love to bake and I like to cook. I have a pretty good metabolism and an even better appetite. I can get away with eating quite a bit while still maintaining my weight. But if I allowed myself to, I could probably eat all day long!

Most of my days consist of 5-6 mini-meals.  I suppose you could say I use a ‘Volumetrics’ approach in that I try to fill up on a lot of less calorie-dense foods. Portion control is not exactly my strong suit. Some people do better eating whatever they want in small doses; I am not one of them! Half a brownie doesn’t cut it, so I save it (usually for the weekend) and indulge in the whole thing later.

I try to focus on whole, unprocessed foods while avoiding the usual suspects: white flour, white sugar, HFCS, most boxed or pre-made items, deep-fried food, fast food, fatty meats and that type of thing. That’s not to say I don’t ever indulge in my mom’s amazing shortbread cookies or a good burger (if we had In N Out here, I would be all over that!). However, I feel better when I make healthy choices and it fuels my workouts more effectively as well. The majority of my meals consist of healthy staples such as eggs, apples, almonds, chickpeas, brown rice, bell peppers, spinach, chicken breast, salmon, tuna, broccoli, cauliflower and my current seasonal obsession, pomegranate.

 I love the gym. Some people might think that’s crazy. For me, gym time is me time.  With the exception of group classes, I go alone (always – no workout partner for me!) and kick my butt for half an hour to an hour. I lift heavy weights and I am the only girl I have ever seen in the ‘womens area’ of the gym doing an unassisted chin-up. I generally follow a full-body or upper/lower routine based on philosophies similar to New Rules of Lifting for Women. I also love Ashtanga. I do not have a home practice yet, but I try to attend 1-2 classes a week. Cardio… well, an iPod and the TVs at the gym get me through that one. Let’s just say HIIT is my friend. Short, sweet, and sweaty. (That sounded far dirtier than I intended).

I’m somewhat photography-challenged. I may try to work on that, though getting a decent camera is not in the cards any time soon with saving for the wedding (big weddings are shockingly expensive. Ouch!). Til then, our Sony point & shoot will have to suffice!



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