In light of my recent over-over-indulgence during the holidays, I think I’m going to go on a mild detox for the next month or so. And by detox, I don’t mean anything like the Master Cleanse or that sort of thing. No hype, no gimmicks, nothing sketchy.

More like…

  • A serving of vegetables or fruit at every meal
  • No wheat; I know, I know, this one is trendy. But I suspect that it gives me issues & the only way to know is to eliminate it for awhile.
  • No booze. Yes, this means no wine.
  • Vitamins every day: multi, fish oil, cal/mag/d before bed.
  • Lots of water.
  • No artificial sweeteners. This one will be tough, because I enjoy a Sprite Zero most days. Somehow, I swear I feel better overall when I abstain.
  • No junk food. Yuck.
  • No added sugars. Sugar makes me feel really gross and it becomes this self-perpetuating cycle.
  • Lots of green tea (this one is easy, I love it)
  • Limit coffee to 1x/day (sob!)
  • I’m not sure whether this will seem overly restrictive to others, but it’s basically how I eat the vast majority of the time, just tightened up a bit here and there. I know I’ll feel a thousand times better for this after even just one week.


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