I don’t think I have the brain power to write a full-on post, but a few random things:

1. Never underestimate the power of a good blow-out; works wonders for the self-esteem. If I may brag, I’m having a great hair day. This would be even more brag-worthy had it not taken me nearly an hour of wrestling with the blowdryer and round brush last night. Consequently, I have felt pretty darn hot all day with my nice swingy hair. Even in spite of schlepping around the house in my Lululemon Groove pants, a ribbed racerback Artizia tank and no makeup. Must remember this in the future when I am tempted to be lazy and skip the blowdry.

2. I enjoy being domestic. I love picking up items like fresh garlic at the store, then coming home to whip up a good meal from scratch. It is surprisingly empowering. The same goes for scratch baking, which seems to be a sadly dying art (though less so in the blogosphere!).

3. Being  old and (almost) married is lovely. Even if that does mean enduring things like 7-day old scruff because he is lazy about shaving. I still get to wake up next to him every day– scruff and all. That’s something  I longed for back in the days of long distance!

4. Wine is good. More wine is not always better. Especially the next day.

5. Despite the previous reference to scratch baking, two-bite brownies are totally addictive and cannot be kept in my house.


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