Weekly planning

After a weekend of overindulgence, I went to bed early last night. Monday really helps set the tone for the week and I was determined to start off on a positive note. Woke up early this morning, which is nice since I hate being rushed before work. Used my GoLite while eating breakfast [irish oatmeal with berries; 1 whole hardboiled egg & 1 hardboiled eggwhite; jasmine green tea], which did seem to help perk me up. 

Being so far north, the GoLite is a big help at this time of year. Considering the sunrise is after 8am today and the sunset is before 4:30pm, the lack of natural light becomes very tiresome. At least today’s the shortest day of the year; it can only improve from here on out.

It’s actually rather amazing that I did wake up so easily this morning. Between the fiance and the kitten, it’s a wonder I get any sleep at all. You see, M sleep-talks. And occasionally sleepwalks. Last night’s antics consisted of him sitting up in bed just before 2am and fumbling with the lamp. Confused, I woke up and asked him what he was doing. Once I realized he was asleep, I tried to reassure him and get him to go back to bed. He responded by insisting that what he was doing did, in fact, make sense, and then ‘handed’ me the “video game cords”.

He’s totally coherent when he does it, which is a little eerie; we can have a full-blown conversation, but he won’t make any sense. I don’t mind the sleep-talking aspect of it so much, but the sleepwalking makes me a bit nervous. Sometimes I worry (me, worry? shocking!) he’ll hurt himself, but I have heard/read that sleepwalkers tend to have some built-in mechanism that usually prevents that.

Monday: 45 min Hatha yoga
Tuesday: 45 min elliptical intervals
Wednesday: 45 min lunchtime spin, full-body weights after work
Thursday: Rest day #1 (visiting fiance’s fam = no gym access. It’s far too cold/snowy to do anything outdoors, either.)
Friday: 20-25 min HIIT sprints on treadmill
Saturday: Some kind of class at my mom’s gym (Bodypump or similar)
Sunday: Rest day #2

Drinking Tetley blueberry green tea right now and it… is not good. The flavour is just really fake. I hate to waste things, but I might toss the remaining 3/4 of the package.


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