Jumping in Head First

‘Do one thing every day that scares you’ – Elenor Roosevelt.

 Today, I am doing two.

The first such thing was attending spin class at my gym for the first time.  This may sound minor, particularly because I’m a hardcore Ashtanga devotee and regularly attend yoga classes. However, I’ve had a gym glass phobia for quite some time now. It  dates back to the ‘Hip Hop Debacle of 2006’ (self-explanatory). Ever since, I’ve been irrationally intimidated by group exercise in the traditional gym setting.

Like most- if not all- of my neuroses, confronting the issue head-on has revealed that it was utterly baseless. I went to spin, told the instructor that I was new, he helped me with the bike settings and I had a wonderful, butt-kicking, sweat-filled workout.  I will confess to peeking at the clock at one point and being mildly horrified that I was only 15 minutes in (with 30 minutes left) but I made it out alive in the end.

The second thing, if it isn’t already obvious, is writing this post.  I am a longtime lurker in the blog world. Okay, only a couple of weeks, but after watching from the sidelines, I started to feel like I was missing out on all of the fun. And, well, I started to feel a little creepy lurking in the shadows. 

And so I joined, fiddled around with various settings and themes and proceeded to procrastinate.  Procrastination is a skill that I have finely honed vice that I am perpetually trying to combat. The newness of the blog, the blank slate it represented, intimidated me. I figured that, like spin, the only way to triumph is to jump in head first.

Eats & Exercise (primarily for my own benefit; I could use some accountability lately)


B: Scrambled eggs with spinach; mandarin orange

S1: Raspberry yogurt (non-fat, sugar-free… contains Splenda, but what can ya do) and almonds

L: Tuna packed in EVOO mixed with chickpeas; steamed asparagus and raw green pepper on the side

S2: Pear, roasted turkey lunchmeat

D: Pita pizzas with the fiance (fiance is such a weird word. I think I shall refer to him as M). Maybe a glass of vino. Surely to be followed with my nightly square- or two- of Lindt 70%.


45 minute spin glass


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